Communication Safety in Backwoods British Columbia

When venturing into the back-country, it is important to have a method of contacting assistance. As they say “it is better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it”. We are often asked what equipment we recommend for such situations, and have compiled what may be a helpful list below. These products are picked to incorporate helpful utilities such as the Resource Road channels for communication on specific regional roads, or satellite communication helpful for Canadians.

Whether you are hiking, hunting, trekking, or camping in British Columbia, we have reputable and high performing equipment for the job.

We can provide instructions, and information on any information you may need.

Several radios sold as back-country radios are either not in compliance with Industry Canada standards, or do not contain Resource Road channels or other helpful programmed channels. Why does this matter? Using illegal radio equipment can cause infrastructural issues due to interference, do not offer the best results, and can incur fines for their possession.

Ensure your safety, and enjoy the peace of mind that this lifeline provides.