Motorola EVX-261 UHF Portable Two-Way Radio (Digital)

Motorola EVX-261 UHF Portable Two-Way Radio (Digital)

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Migrate to Digital. Make the move to digital easily and affordably.

The EVX-261 operates in both analog and digital modes, so it’s ideal for use with mixed fleets. With expanded interoperability, you can choose from multiple signaling options, including MDC1200®, DTMF, and 2-tone or 5-tone capabilities, along with voice inversion encryption. Noise cancellation in digital mode for crisp audio and clear conversations.

  • Safety features Lone Worker Alert, Emergency Alert, Multiple Scan Options
  • Signalling features MDC-1200, FleetSync, CTCSS/DCS, 2-tone/5-tone encode/decode
  • Digital Mode Features Direct Mode, tansmit interrupt, all call/groupcall/direct call, privacy mode

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