2024 ISED Industry Canada Licence Fees for Two Way Radios

ISED Rates 2024

ISED has applied new costing for 2024 with a cost of living allowance added to the 2023 fee schedule.  The new rates are

  • Portables and mobiles are now $49.17 per year
  • Base links to repeaters: $81.58 per repeater (trunk system means one repeater. repeater also has an equal fee for the first linked base)
  • A base station in a high congestion zone (lower mainland of BC and Victoria) $254.28 per simplex frequency programmed.
  • Lower mainland Repeater: $254.28 (+ link to a base station $81.58 if applicable)
  • Zone B&C repeater or base is $127.14 (+ link base fee of $81.58 if applicable) PLUS additional fees per simplex frequency.
  • A radio common carrier (RCC - for profit licence where you don't typically licence connected mobiles) is $2521.20 per year

For other licence fee types or help with your radio licence, we can help. Consult with us at BC Communications!