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Two-Way Radio Wireless Communications

Based in the North Shore, we provide radios across British Columbia and beyond.

Radio System Service

Decades of experience in Motorola radio and equipment service.
  • Motorola MotoTrbo ION Smart Radio (UHF)
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  • MOTOTRBO R7 Digital Portable Two-Way Radio UHF (Full Keypad Model)
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  • Motorola XPR7580e 800/900 CSA Intrinsically Safe Portable Two-Way Radio
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  • Motorola MOTOTRBO™ R2 UHF Portable Two-Way Radio (Digital)
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  • Motorola XPR3300e UHF Portable Two-Way Radio
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  • Motorola CP100d UHF Portable Two-Way Radio (Display Model)
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BC Communications

Motorola two way radios for sale, service, and rent.

As one of the most experienced Motorola Solutions providers in British Columbia, we are well versed in providing radio communication equipment to meet your needs.

Industry Solutions

B.C. Communications Industry Solutions for Public Safety

Motorola Radios in Public Safety

Your radio and communication equipment are your life line in emergency situations. BC Communications prides itself on providing reliable and secure public safety grade equipment to meet the most stringent specifications. We can help you find the radios and accessories that meet your needs.

Vehicle radio installations

Communications in Transportation

A good digital communications systems can help improve transportation turnaround and efficiency. Motorola walkie talkies enhance audio clarity for noisy environments and features for fleet tracking. We can help you buy two way radios tailored to your requirements.

BC Communications Utilities Radio Solution

Two Way Radio Systems for Utilities

Utility companies often work in hazardous environments such as working in aerial buckets or in close proximity to high voltage power. Our customers trust us to recommend radio headsets, batteries, two way mobile radios, and specialized radio antennas to help them get the job done safely.

BC Communications Hotel Radio System

Hospitality Radio Systems

Whether you are managing a world-class casino, cruise ship, resort, shopping mall or theater, we understand that you need to maintain a high standard of operational excellence. Quick, reliable, and secure two way radio communication is imperative. Hotel radio systems, cruise ship radio devices and customizable setups can help. Wireless radio coverage through BDA (Bi Directional Amplifiers), radio repeater systems, push to talk radio systems and more.

Warehouse radio solution for manufacturing industry

Manufacturing Industry Communication

Manufacturing workers need to communicate clearly with their foreman. Integrating, two-way communications has proven its ability to boost production and promote a safe work environment. The right accessories can help you get the most out of your 2 way radio system. BC Communications sells two-way radios to help your company enhance critical communication.

Education radio system solution BC Communications

Walkie Talkies for Education

Schools, colleges and universities need communications systems that connect effectively in buildings so that the various departments can operate efficiently. B.C. Communications designs radio systems that will help education facilities to meet their objectives.

BC Communications Two-Way Radio

From hand-held portable radios to site specific network systems, we sell, rent and service radios and radio equipment. We offer short range radio and wide-area radio coverage in UHF, and VHF. With industry leading technology and unparalleled service from our wealth of experienced technicians, our goal is to help you stay in touch.

About us

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What We Offer

Looking to service an existing two way radio systems? We service large scale systems across the lower mainland and British Columbia.

Looking to buy two way radios? We sell Motorola walkie talkies and equipment across Canada.

Who We Serve

We keep radio communications running smoothly for thousands of businesses of all sizes and industries across the greater Vancouver area, the Lower Mainland and outside of the province. Our customers include major ports and docks, airports, city municipalities, universities/colleges and school districts, police, fire and rescues services, oil companies and more.

what our customers say

We value BC Communications for their technical knowledge, expertise, initiative, responsiveness, and attention to detail around the clock.

Dmitry Riftin , Port of Metro Vancouver

Reliable two-way radio communication is crucial to our operations. Our 100% Motorola fleet is rugged enough to handle the mountain environment and give us the performance we need to keep our staff safe, and assist us in delivering a great guest experience. BC Communications has been our exclusive supply and repair facility for over 15 years because of their service.

Laird Brown, Whistler Blackcomb

Thanks to you and your staff for providing our Fire Department with such good service. Our radios have never functioned as well as they do now. 

Ron Olson, District of West Van Fire

Premium Products

BC Communications is always excited to share the best radio devices and accessories currently available from Motorola. We offer professional grade Motorola business radios.

We carry radio product lines including MotoTRBO, ION, Intrinsically Safe, Minitor, as well as accessory lines such as IMPRES batteries, David Clark headsets, and Impact Microphones and many more.

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