IMPRES Batteries - What are they and where to buy them

What is an IMPRES charger?

An IMPRES battery is a Motorola battery technology that automate battery maintenance. In addition to being rechargeable, these batteries are automatically reconditioned when placed on an IMPRES charger. The battery and charger communicate to improve overall battery lifetime and the amount of usage you can get from a battery. Indicator lights on the charger can be used in addition to the legend on the charger to understand when a battery is charging, almost finished, reconditioning, when a battery has gone bad, or when it is finished charging.


What do the lights on my Motorola IMPRES charger mean?

 Steady Red Light

 Battery is rapid charging

 Steady Orange Light

 Battery is reconditioning
 Steady Green Light  Battery is finished charging
 Flashing Green Light  Battery is almost finished charging
 Flashing Orange Light  Battery is waiting to charge
 Flashing Red Light  Battery cannot be charged or is not placed in the charging pocket properly
 Flashing Red and Green Light  Battery is finished charging but may need to be replaced soon.


Where can I purchase an IMPRES charger?

We offer several varieties of genuine Motorola IMPRES compatible batteries and chargers. Our batteries and chargers are shown below. IMPRES accessories will list IMPRES in their description.

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