Is your radio out of date or discontinued? - Which radios the R2 and R7 are set to replace

If you currently have a CP series radio such as a CP200 or an XPR 7000 series radio such as an XPR7350, XPR7350e, XPR7550, XPR7550e or even something a little older like an XPR6350, or XPR6550: you may want to begin thinking about upgrading to something newer. These radios series have been discontinued and will no longer allow you to purchase new parts or radios. This could pose a problem if you or your company needed a replacement or repair in a short time frame.

What radio should I buy to replace my existing one?

There are tons of options for which radio to upgrade to but we like to make this process a bit easier. B.C. Communications recommends replacing your radios with the radio's current tier or above. Motorola has replaced the CP200 radio with the R2 radio, they have replaced the XPR 6 series with the XPR 7 series, and they have replaced that series with the R7 series.

Since the CP200, XPR 6 series, and XPR 7 series are discontinued we recommend thinking about replacing these radios to avoid interruptions to service, receive better quality communications, and enjoy the features that the new line of radios bring.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing an upgrade. We can help understand exactly what you need.