Our Green Initiatives


BC Communications' Recycling and 'Green' Efforts includes recycling metals such as coaxial cable, antennas, heat sinks and hardware are all recycled locally. We get refunded for the total weight, so this is a worthwhile endeavour. It is amazing how many dealers still don't do this.

Lead acid based batteries typically used for backup batteries are recycled locally. Portable and dry cell batteries are boxed and sent to CALL2RECYCLE Canada INC. (TOXCO) in Trail BC. TOXCO has been in operation since 1994 and recycles most battery chemistries.

Years ago we paid a company to dispose of our batteries properly, only to find out later the company was bankrupt and left barrels of batteries in their abandoned facility. Luckily they did not end up in a landfill. We now do research as to where these items actually go.

End-of-life electronics such as circuit boards and housings are recycled by 'Keep it Green Recycling'. KGR ensures our recyclables are properly cycled through ENCORP Pacific (Canada)'s facilities as well as for paper, plastic, glass containers and food waste. Our florescent bulbs are also picked up by KGR and are sent to Light Recycle for proper recycling. We have a roll-away bin for cardboard, which is recycled by Urban Impact.

Whenever we have a large order of radios from Motorola, we opt for the bulk packaging option. This means that radios do not get shipped with individual packaging, but rather in a more efficient manner.

We always stage radio orders. Staging means we unpack and assemble the individual radios so they are ready for the end-user. This ensures that the cardboard and plastics are recycled, and as an added benefit it means our customers do not have to spend their time with this monotonous task.

We ensure our company vehicles are newer models, which are more energy-efficient and emit fewer hydrocarbons from the fuel they do use. We allow employees to take company vehicles home if they have a nearby job the following morning to save time spent in traffic.