MotoTrbo CP100d Walkie Talkie Front View Display Model
MotoTrbo CP100d Walkie Talkie Side View (PTT)
MotoTrbo CP100d Walkie Talkie Side View (Accessory Port)
MotoTrbo CP100d Walkie Talkie Back View (no clip)

Motorola CP100d UHF Portable Two-Way Radio (Display Model)

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The Motorola CP100d radio is an entry-level digital portable two-way radio that is cost effective, rugged and easy to use. The CP100d offers analog voice communications as well as MOTOTRBO digital technology and includes a 2 Year warranty.

Motorola’s two way radios provide a durable, high-quality voice communication solution that helps your business increase productivity and serve your customers in the best manner possible. Ideal for educational institutions, retail and hospitality businesses, service and manufacturing industries and many other demanding, professional applications, the Motorola CP100d portable radio brings you a robust two-way radio solution. With its extensive feature set, ergonomic shape for comfortable use plus a durable, lightweight, compact design, you get just what it takes to enhance communication while increasing efficiency and productivity.

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Thinking of buying a CP100d? We carry several accessories (batteries, chargers, headsets) for the CP100d which are interchangeable with the CP185, so if you want to migrate to digital over time, you can start purchasing the new CP100d (Digital/Analog) radios which will work in Analog mode until all of the CP185 radios have been replaced. Then you can switch the CP100d’s to Digital Mode for a simple and easy integration.

  • Channels 160 channels
  • Frequency Band 403-480 MHz
  • Channel Spacing 6.25e / 12.5 kHz 
  • Programmable buttons 3 front programmable buttons, front panel programming
  • Battery Indicator LED
  • Analog Features voice scrambling, time-out timer, busy channel lockout, internal VOX, normal and priority scan, RX only channel, busy channel lockout.
  • Digital Features voice announcement, radio check, remote monitor, radio inhibit, transmit interrupt

Standard Package Includes:

  • Standard Battery (Li-ion, 1750 mAh, PMNN4476)
  • Standard Charger CEC Complaint (90 Minute Rapid Rate - PMPN4132)
  • Standard Antenna (UHF Whip PMAE4016)
  • 2" Belt Clip (HLN9844)
  • 2 Year Warranty + 1 Year Essential Repair

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