Motorola EVX-S24 UHF Portable Two-Way Radio (Digital)

Motorola EVX-S24 UHF Portable Two-Way Radio (Digital)

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Give your team members a compact, discreet, and lightweight radio that allows them to be comfortable in any situation.

Worn on a belt, tucked away in a pocket or clipped to a lapel, the water-submersible and dust-proof EVX-S24 is designed to survive demanding conditions. It operates in both analog and digital modes, so it’s ideal for use with mixed fleets. Noise cancellation in digital mode for crisp audio and clear conversations. Available in black or yellow.

  • Safety features Lone Worker Alert, Emergency Alert, Multiple Scan Options, AMBE+2 Vocoder, Low Battery Alert, Battery saver & more
  • Signalling features MDC-1200, FleetSync, CTCSS/DCS, 2-tone/5-tone encode/decode, DTMF and more
  • Analog Mode Features Busy Tone Lock Out, Auto Range Transponding System, Voice Inversion Encryption
  • Digital Mode Features Direct Mode, tansmit interrupt, all call/groupcall/direct call, privacy mode and more

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