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Avigilon - Security Systems Facial Detection in software

B.C. Communications is an authorized dealer of Avigilon Security Solutions. We offer some of the most advanced technologies for security systems. Facial recognition, person or vehicle search, email alerts, and access control.

From a single security camera to a fully customizable security surveillance system

  • High-end and technologically advanced cameras and sensors
  • Motorola Solutions two-way radio integration from automated alerts to video feed access
  • Video management and surveillance software such as free-to-use Avigilon Control Center
  • Access control such as automated door locks and card pass readers
  • Video surveillance system infrastructure including network video recorders and HD video appliances

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Avigilon security cameras - h5a, h6a, dome, panoramic, box, and ip cameras

Get access to advanced video surveillance features right out of the gate

  • Facial recognition, appearance search, object search so you can track down certain people, objects or even license plates
  • Automatic event detection with pattern based analytics algorithms so you can be notified if a particular person is on site or not where they are supposed to be. Be notified if a particular object is moved or tampered with.
  • Teach-by-example self-learning capabilities to simplify system customization
  • Alarm monitoring and remote viewing via mobile devices to make sure you are always connected and know what is happening
  • Video export and integrations with third party platforms to provide flexibility and full control over your video surveillance

 Learn more about Avigilon's AI and analytic features here:


Avigilon face mask detection

Today’s safety and security needs have evolved. Organizations are seeking solutions to help combat COVID-19, including the ability to effectively trace contact and interact with others from a safe distance. Avigilon’s safety and security solutions provide organizations the capability to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

  • Thermal camera technology - detect elevated body temperatures
  • Occupancy counting - better manage traffic flow
  • Social distancing technology - monitor distancing violations and high-violation zones
  • No face mask detection - improved monitoring of compliance levels
  • Body worn cameras - for front-line workers - can deter aggression and capture evidence
  • Contact tracing - understand where an infected individual has been and help keep your workforce safe


      Avigilon - radio alert integration for security cameras

      Avigilon Radio Alert takes our easy-to-use video management software — that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and video analytics — and integrates it with two-way radios that offer exceptional voice quality, keeping the workforce connected.

      Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is integrated with the MOTOTRBO and APX P25 two-way radios so users can receive and respond to ACC alarms from their MOTOTRBO and APX radio systems. Alarms resulting from Avigilon analytics, access control and license plate recognition watchlist match events are automatically pushed to Motorola radios in the form of text messages and/or text-to-voice alerts. Security personnel can acknowledge alarms directly from their radios and quickly investigate without needing to continuously monitor activity on a computer screen.

      This integrated technology solution equips your security team to:

      • Monitor live video on a continuous basis, even with limited resources or time
      • Never miss security incidents that may result in undesirable outcomes or threats to their people
      • Mobilize security resources in a timely manner when a potential security threat is detected


      If you are interested in learning more about how Avigilon products can help you, or if you are interested in purchasing any Avigilon products, please contact us.