Avtec Scout - MOTOTRBO Dispatch Console Solution

The Premier Business-Critical Voice Dispatch Console Solution
for MOTOTRBO Radio Systems

Capacity Max • Capacity Plus Multi-Site • Capacity Plus • Connect Plus • IP Site Connect • WAVE™

Motorola Radio Dispatch

The Motorola Solutions portfolio integrates with Avtec’s Scout™ RoIP dispatch consoles, including the MOTOTRBO suite of two-way radios, WAVE OnCloud, ASTRO 25 communications network, and the legacy Quantar™ line, among others.


Flexible Platform for Business-critical Dispatch Operations

Scout is a pure Internet Protocol (IP) communication console based on open standards, allowing the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with radio and telephony technologies. Scout is a mobile dispatch communication solution, ensuring interoperability between different locations and regions. Scout integrates all your communication center needs, whether simple, complex, or somewhere in between.

Our flagship platform scales up to thousands of radio and telephony endpoints and supports hundreds of dispatch positions. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies use Avtec’s Scout Enterprise solution to reliably run their business-critical communication centers.


Scout with MOTOTRBO Integration

The premier business-critical voice dispatch console solution for MOTOTRBO.

For detailed features and specifications, download the capability guides:


 Connect Plus

Capacity Max

Multi-Site Capacity Plus

IP Site Connect

Avtec collaborates with Motorola Solutions on MOTOTRBO with Scout, a solution that offers direct IP wireline connectivity between Scout consoles and both conventional (IP Site Connect) and multi-site trunked (Capacity Max, Connect Plus, Capacity Plus, and Multi-Site Capacity Plus) MOTOTRBO systems.

Scout is the premier top-tier console choice for the MOTOTRBO Connect Plus, Capacity Max, Multi-Site Capacity Plus, and Capacity Plus trunking systems. With Scout consoles at the heart of these systems, dispatchers enjoy a secure, scalable communications platform that provides radio and telephony integration.

With the emergence of next-generation Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standards, customers can deploy MOTOTRBO with Scout to enjoy fully-integrated feature-rich, reliable communications systems that add impact for a variety of commercial applications and environments.


Scout brings your MOTOTRBO system to life

WAVE™ 5000 • Connect Plus • Capacity Max • Capacity Plus Multi-Site • Capacity Plus • IP Site Connect

Designed, developed, built and supported in the United States, Avtec provides the premier, top-tier console solution for MOTOTRBO radio systems. With Avtec Scout console at the heart of these systems, dispatchers enjoy a truly scalable, integrated communications platform with features and functionality based upon next- generation professional commercial radio standards. These systems offer features that extend communications across many industries.

  • Activity history with instant recall recorder
  • Call alerts
  • Console over subscriber priority
  • Dynamic configuration without restarts
  • Emergency state and call
  • Emergency notifications
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Group calls
  • Group/private calls with WAVE 5000 clients
  • Migration support from Capacity Plus to Capacity Max
  • Multi-site all call
  • Multiple alert/progress tones
  • Polite console interrupt
  • Private calls
  • Radio check
  • Radio enable/disable
  • Radio monitor
  • Site all-calls
  • System wide all calls
  • Talker PTT ID with aliasing
  • Tiered dispatch options
  • Wide area group calls

    Supported feature set may vary based on the MOTOTRBO radio system selected.

    Avtec: A Motorola Solutions Authorized Application Partner

    The Motorola Authorized Application Provider designation ensures that an investment in Avtec Scout consoles is protected with support for new MOTOTRBO solutions available via software download.

    Participation in the program provides benefits that include:

    • Test labs at both Avtec and Motorola Solutions locations, where each software release undergoes extensive verification testing to ensure compatibility
    • Alignment of product roadmaps and release dates to deliver continuous value to both new and existing clients.
    • Ongoing cross-training for support personnel from each organization.

    Scout integrates with other Motorola Authorized Application Provider solutions for:

    • Voice, text, GPS, mapping, geofencing, and fleet management functionality
    • Archival recording with metadata
    • Auxiliary input/output for remote control/status indication
    • Web-based video feeds or portal information
    • IP-based private branch exchange (PBX) for telephony integration
    • Legacy radio systems support for simplified migration to MOTOTRBO radios