Honeywell - Scanning and Mobility

B.C. Communications Inc. is an authorized dealer for Honeywell, specializing in performance technologies and productivity solutions.

Vehicle Mount Computers

Honeywell's vehicle-mounted computers are perfect for port operations, warehouses and distribution centers of all sizes. They are designed to be robust, durable and maintenance free to withstand daily use in harsh environments. Operating systems are Windows or Android for simple integration.

Available products include: VM3A, VM2, VM3, CV31, CV41, VM1, VM1A

Ruggedized Handheld Computers

Improve productivity and cut costs. Honeywell offers a range of rugged handheld computers that are versatile, easy to handle and easy to use.

They can be used for barcode scanning combined with merchandising and inventory management for order picking, shipping and receiving, QC, safety inspections and more.

Devices include a tactical keypad and enhanced connectivity including 802.11x, Cisco® compatibility, and Bluetooth®.

Available products include: CT40XP, CT60XP, EDA61K, CT40, Dolphin CT60, CK65, CN80, ScanPal EDA51, CK3R, CK3X, CK75, CN51, CN75, CN75e.

Barcode Scanners

Honeywell offers a wide range of barcode scanners with industry-leading scan performance to meet your business's specific needs.

  • General purpose or purchase order system scanners
  • Industrial-grade rugged scanners for harsh environments
  • Healthcare optimized scanners for patient management
  • High-volume card presentation scanning applications
  • Wearable scanners for hands-free use.

Honeywell barcode scanners are plug and play and easy to use.

RFID Scanners


Honeywell's handheld RFID readers are designed for various environments and applications so they meet your particular needs.

Manufacturing: 4-port, fixed-infrastructure RFID readers for logistics, material handling and asset tracking.

Industrial: Honeywell's handheld RFID readers are paired with their most rugged computers to be used any harsh environments indoors or outdoors. Whether in a chemical processing plant, an oil and gas facility, or on an airline ramp, Honeywell's industrial grade RFID readers are non incentive certified for hazardous environments.

Retail: Paired with Honeywell’s award-winning lightweight touchscreen mobile computers, these readers have near perfect inventory scanning accuracy to maximize profits and improve customer service.

Available products include: IH25, IP2L, IP30, IH21, IF2B