WAVE Work Group Communications

WAVE 5000

“W5K” enables highly scalable, feature rich, enterprise grade push-to-talk (PTT) on broadband networks and devices so that critical, time-sensitive information flows quickly and securely between mobile workers and teams.

We offer a hosted service to save you the capital costs of your own system, or we can supply a system hosted on your own dedicated server.

Connect your Smartphone users with your radio network with B.C. Communications WAVE5000 Service!

  • Start with a private WAVE channel for $25 per month.  For users needing to interface WAVE to a radio system, call us as these channels are significantly more.
  • Add each WAVE user for $25 per month.  Apple iOS or Android; smart phone or tablet
  • Add a WAVE Desktop Communicator for $50 per month
  • Full featured WAVE consoles are also available
  • Patch WAVE and radio channels together
  • Record group channels
  • View GPS position
  • Page pocket pagers
  • Communicate to different channels at one time
  • Send text messages

Contact us to learn more on how you can connect your Smartphone users to your radio network.

WAVE5000 Data Sheet:

WAVE5000 system diagram schematic:

WAVE Mobile Communicator sheet:

WAVE Desktop Communicator sheet:

WAVE 3000

“W3k” delivers instant and secure broadband push-to-talk (PTT) communications for small to medium businesses. Whether you’re communicating with MOTOTRBO radio users or with other Smartphone users, WAVE 3000 makes it simple and affordable.

WAVE 3000 Data Sheet:

WAVE consoles are a suitable replacement to Motorola’s Gold Elite, MIP5000, MCC5500, Bosch Telex C-Soft, Command C series desk sets,  Avtec Scout, or many Zetron models.  They interface to many 3rd party radio gateways.