What is a long range walkie talkie?

A long-range walkie-talkie is a portable two-way radio device that allows a user to communicate over a long distance. It is commonly used in various industries such as construction, security, transportation, large outdoor events, and emergency services. Unlike FRS (Family Radio Service) walkie-talkies, which have limited range, long-range walkie-talkies are designed to transmit and receive signals over much greater distances. This is because FRS radios typically transmit at 1/2 Watt whereas long-range walkie-talkies are typically 5 Watts and have more sophisticated receivers

How do Long Range Walkie Talkies Work?

Typically, long-range walkie-talkies have two distinct features that let them talk over long distances. These two features are increased power and repeater infrastructure. The higher power allows the two-way radio to transmit over a longer distance which can give the user increased range; in addition, repeater infrastructure can be used to greatly increase the distance the radio communication can travel and allows users to avoid large obstacles which may disperse radio waves.

What are the Benefits of Long Range Walkie-Talkies?

Long-range radio communication offers several benefits

  • Extended Range: As the name suggests, long-range walkie-talkies have a significantly greater range. This allows for communication over larger areas, making them ideal for non-local industries or situations where the transmitter is far from the receiver.
  • Clearer Communication: Instead of communication dropping off or attenuating, long-range walkie-talkies allow users more power to reach further receivers or can connect to repeaters which re-transmit the signal and preserve the quality.
  • Durability and Quality: Many long-range walkie-talkies are higher grade. This means they can withstand certain environmental conditions better than others, and transmit clearer signals that are less vulnerable to interference and other communication issues. They can be water-resistant, dust-proof, and shockproof, making them suitable for use in rugged environments.
  • Additional Features: Some long-range walkie-talkies come with additional features such as built-in GPS, lone-worker alerts, and encryption capabilities. These features can enhance safety and security during operation.

B.C. Communications - Long-Range Two-way Radio Solutions

B.C. Communications is proud to use a Capacity Plus Trunking System for our long-range radio communication in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Our repeater system has connected thousands of users who would otherwise not be able to communicate over radio. This system allows users to move freely throughout greater Vancouver while remaining in touch with other radios in your fleet.

Long-range walkie-talkies are powerful communication tools that empower users to engage in long-distance communication for a multitude of industries. With their extended range, high-quality communication, and additional features, they provide reliable, secure, and efficient communication for critical communication requirements.

We can provide you with rental repeaters to provide coverage in any remote location, provide permanent installations at your facility with full coverage, and configure your radios with multiple channels for an array of different talk groups.

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