Motorola Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Warranty Services

rOur service center.

B.C. Communications is a factory authorized service and warranty center. We can exchange faulty accessories which are still under warranty and repair Motorola radio equipment in our well-stocked facility. We also perform on-site inspections, audits and repairs. Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment.


Unlike aftermarket batteries, Motorola premium batteries have a 1-year 80% capacity exchange warranty. IMPRES batteries extend the warranty from 6m to 18m. Motorola Premium batteries carry a 48m construction warranty.

View the PDF for additional Motorola Battery Warranty Info:

Each battery is date coded as well to ensure you know how old it is. The 3 or 4-digit code on the battery label means YWW or YYWW (year/week)

View the PDF to learn how find your Motorola battery date code: